Friday, December 03, 2004

Delphi 7: Library path edit dialog too small?

It's kinda irritating to have to resize the Delphi library path (Tools|Environment Options|Library tab, first "..." button) edit dialog so small - it's resizable, but it doesn't "remember" the size. There might be other solutions to this, like writing an IDE expert. But I got down to solving it the "brute force" way.

I downloaded PE Resource Explorer from Colin Wilson's (excellent) Delphi Site, and used it to open coride70.bpl in my Delphi bin folder. I then opened up the RCDATA section, and browsed to the entry named "TORDEREDLISTDLG". On the right, after selecting the Neutral subnode, I found the DFM definition of TOrderedListDlg, which is the dialog displayed. (How did I find out? Spy++ is my friend.)

Using complex mathematical techniques such as addition and subtraction (done using excel, of course) I changed the width, height, top and/or bottom of whatever I wanted to change. Essentially I've made the dialog 500x450 now, a much better size to work with. I've uploaded this definition as a text file, so you can download it here.

Note: You'll have to use PE explorer and change this in coride70.bpl, save the changes and run Delphi again to check. Take a backup. Please. Only tried with Delphi 7. If you want different resolutions, do the calculations yourself. Your mileage may vary, and if it does, it isn't my fault.


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