Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Job!

It's time for a new job! I'm now at Flovate Technologies, as Chief Executive Officer, India. That's a fancy title all right. But wait till you hear about my computer! (This is geeky)

I get a Dual Xeon 3 Ghz monster, with a 22" main and a 15" secondary monitor. There's 1 GB ram and SCSI RAID disks totalling 140 Gigs of Bytes. And a 128 MB ATI Card, and three mice running around in wheels. Awesome stuff. I just get lost in the incredible real estate on the screen. My 15.4" Dell latitude is like a crowded alley in comparison.

I get to manage the team in India and co-ordinate with the folks in the UK, where I must say there are some incredibly talented developers! I just went through a couple of frameworks and man, this stuff is really impressive. I can't reveal the juicy details, but let me just say that if there's a Workflow map in the future, we're going to be on it.

Non geeky stuff: I'm learning the ropes on a different kind of management. It's so tempting to get into code, but it's simply better not to touch it until you really understand the situation. I used to think the code was king, that you could figure out anything just looking at the source code : Yes, at this point I can probably identify a ton of patterns by looking deep enough. But does that really matter? What you really need to understand, right off the top, is what the product or project is about. What kind of users use it, what the business proposition is. Imagine you're the customer, and ask stupid questions (the former sometimes implies the latter). Only then get into the code!

I also need to understand that every developer will take short cuts, even the best of 'em. To refactor is one thing. To identify and create an environment that will support and encourage refactoring is quite another. And then there's the whole scheduling, project management etc. issue - I think I'm going to become a PHB.

Anyhow, what's important is this: I can have THREE rows of icons on the status bar and still have enough on the screen to eat dinner out of. Ha!

No seriously, this is going to be one helluva challenge. I'm quite looking forward to it! My next few posts might involve lesser technology. Or more. I don't know. Interesting times, indeed.


Anonymous Jim said...

You're spot on Deepak. The customer must be king (though sometimes they need a little help to climb on the throne) and the code is the.. prince(?) After all, you can't have a prince without a king now can you?

Developers so often live in isolation from the bread-and-butter reality. Reality requires an understanding of the economics and an appreciation of pragmatism balanced with the knowledge that solid technology will pay dividends in the longer term.

Very best of luck.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Deepak,
Congrats on your New Job. Keep up your good work.
Ronald vijay

10:56 PM  

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