Thursday, July 22, 2004

India Delphi User Group (INDUG)

We started INDUG a few years back, and boy has it grown! 776 members and counting...what's surprising is that in the last few days the activity has started to heat up. Turns out there were 48 members in the last two months!

Delphi is growing up, at least in India. I don't know what the reason is, but it seems like a lot of companies have started to look at Delphi seriously - I just heard of an appliance company that's using Delphi! And the ads in the Employment sections seem to have a lot more Delphi-count nowadays. I don't know if this is absolutely correct, but it looks like for Win32 folks that aren't into C++, Delphi's simply the best option in the market. Microsoft's hardselling .NET but everyone knows that Win32 isn't going anywhere soon - and .NET isn't going to be ubiquitous anytime soon either.


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