Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Firefox beats IE?

Seems like FireFox has made some serious headway in the world of "people who read my blog". According to the latest stats, 47.4% of the hits on my site are through FireFox and only 42.1% on IE. Last time I checked was a VERY long time back - it was more like 92% IE then.

Not that my site is any indicator or trendsetter, of course. But...wow.


Blogger Curtis said...

Think it's true among this crowd. I also see it in the stats at my various sites. FF is at about 30% for them. But they're all tech oriented and/or underground art. That audience is more prone to early adoption.

Many people aren't even aware what a browser is. They think that little blue "e" icon that came on their desktop is "the internet".

Once, while visiting my parents, I inadvertantly moved my parent's "e" icon my mom called me to tell me how angry my dad would be when he discovered I'd deleted the internet.

Thank goodness I was able to walk her through un-deleteing the internet.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't go deleting the Internet!!!... you... how dare you

2:09 PM  

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