Tuesday, April 12, 2005

An Online Share Trading Game?

ICICI Direct has an Online Share Trading Game which, in my humble opinion, sucks. That's not a share trading game, that's a bloody advertisement! I guess we're in the age of NOT providing value, and this is just part of the ball game. Jeez.

I have a friend who had created a web site that was entirely focussed on the blogging for the Indian cellphone user - and there are a few million of such users now. The idea wasn't all that unique - a "moblog" so to speak. But one of the biggest Indian Cellphone companies backed off the sponsorship because they wanted the site to be restricted to only their users - i.e. you couldn't post your "moblog" if you weren't their subscriber. And this, apart from the fact that they would get ad space everywhere for their money, and would be featured on the whole offline launch. What they wanted it to be was a massive ad-campaign for them.

I think that's a little short sighted, but when have big companies known to be visionaries in their field?

When they were small, that's when. Maybe becoming big gives you cataract. Or blurred vision, at least.


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