Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Beginning to Offshore"?????

Why do people write like this? Choice phrases:
  • "clich├ęs, outlook and a realistic suggestions"
  • But, flourishing outsourced development engages more than defining a product spec.
  • "remember: the more an outsourcer comprehends the milieu, the better prepared it will be..."

Overall the entire article is as clear as mud. But there's more! It's a ripoff from Bharat Khatau's original article, which is a magnitude better in content and grammar. The rip off is terrible - it's just run through a thesaurus, methinks. Every single sentence has been, has been gramatically assaulted - to produce something that might pass a copyright test, but fails on the ground that it's utter nonsense.

The original article has this for instance:
"Success requires careful definition of how your company and the outsourcer will interact - and the right spirit governing those interactions.".

The rip-off says :
"Success necessitates fastidious description of the way your company and the outsourcer will interrelate".

Also, Good projects for successful pilots involve minimal risks to the business strategy or core product

becomes First-rate projects for triumphant pilots rivet least risks to the business strategy or core product.

("rivet least risks"???? What are they smoking?)

The rip-off has, very helpfully, placed a link to the original article. Which kinda sums it up, I think: it's not a malicious act, they're just stupid.

Let me not take away from the entertainment value, of course. You need such articles so you can tell people - "I may be bad at documentation, but I ain't *this* bad".

(If you like using one-and-a-half-foot words, you'll love sesqupedal pedantry)


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