Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Yes, a Delphi Roadmap.

It's here, finally. From Danny's post on Borland's Delphi Roadmap, the whole "strategy" thing is a lot clearer. So we have a future, for both the Win32 and .NET side of things.

What we have is:
Dexter in 2005

  • Language improvents: (e.g. operator overloading)
  • Speed: IDE Startup and runtime speed improvements (with stuff from the Fastcode Project)
  • C++ support (Win32) including support for the VCL
  • Command line CF compiler

Highlander in 2006

  • Another dumb project name ("Highlander"???)
  • .NET 2.0 support (if .NET 2.0 is actually out by then)
  • We're talking generics, partial classes, and nullable types.
  • The CF "IDE" with VCL.NET support

Overall this shows that Borland has a vision for a product that's always been good, but has lost a lot of its former shine. Now, what we need is for Borland Management to not backtrack. Let there be more such informal fixes and more informal previews of upcoming products.

Oh yes, there's even talk of a Delphi Win64 compiler in 2007.


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